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[07 Jun 2009|05:48pm]

Ava Julianne Rutherford

Ava Julianne Rutherford and Jamison Alexander Rutherford were born on the 16th of March, to lawyer Patrick Rutherford and socialite Marlene Rutherford in Savannah, Georgia.
Ava, the eldest of the twins was a walking contradiction while growing up and still is to some extent. Her mother wanted her little girl to be just that, a little girl. She wore dresses, enjoyed playing with dolls, stayed in her mother's closet for hours at a time piling make up on to her face and walking around in shoes which were far too big for her, the longest string of pearls in the history of existence and the hat easiest for her to reach. Then there was the side of her who enjoyed playing out in the mud, with bugs... in Ava's defense she always wore her pretty dresses while she was doing so.
By the time school rolled around it was pretty obvious she hadn't inherited her father's intellect, she was an underachiever and for quite sometime in the first and second grades she was believed to have a learning disability. She didn't, she was just bored by the things she was supposed to be learning.
While the adults were thanking the heavens that she had inherited her mother's good looks and she could get by on just that there was one person, her 6th grade science teacher who introduced her to the stars. She quickly became interested in the astronomical side of science and science fiction which later on lead to a fascination with theoretical physicists such as Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein and her favorite Michio Kaku.
When Ava was 17 the family moved from Savannah, Georgia to Key West, Florida. It was a difficult move for the first few months of her senior year but by the end she had managed to not only make friends... some of which she genuinely liked, like the person who would become her best friend [info]luxy.
Ava and (coming soon) became friends during their final months at high school; casual friendship became them hanging out rather frequently. They began dating and while it wasn't perfect, they managed to work it out.
Complications arose when while walking through the school corridors she met [info]aaor, a former friend of a boy she had been seeing. General annoyance with his presence soon became a friendship and in the blink of an eye he became the Perseus to her Andromeda but life was rarely perfect and in the end she chose him over Adam.
After a summer traveling through Europe, Ava moved to New York to attend Columbia University. she majored in Physics and minored in Astronomy the two things she loved most.
At the age of 20, on September 8, Ava gave birth to Madison Weisz in New York City. She still had a year to graduate from Columbia and trying to maintain an academic, social and personal life was far more difficult than she would have anticipated so she lost touch with many of the people she considered close friends.
After graduating from Columbia Ava and Maddy moved to Paris, France where Ava got a position teaching Physics and Astronomy at a private English speaking school. She lived there for six years, traveling to the states for family functions and the occasional interview with the Museum of Natural History in New York City.
On December 12 her son Dylan Weisz was born in Paris, France. After he was born she made a few difficult decisions as well.
In February 2009, Ava and her two kids made their way back to the states (New York City to be exact) for reasons she doesn't talk about with anyone, there are no exceptions.
Is one of the Astrophysicists on Staff at the Planetarium in the Museum of Natural History; she's also working on her Doctorate in Astrophysics.

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